The Best of 5 Proven Ways to Keep Visitors on Your Website

Posted By Devika Soni On Nov 03, 2020

Are website business, blogging, and the digital world not more about user engagement than high rankings in the SERP?

What is the point of standing apex at the result page when you don’t satisfy your visitors with your when you fail to keep them engaged on your webpage, your website?

As a newbie to the digital world, you may focus on optimizing your website, increasing visits, and gaining visibility, but that’s not all you need. 

You need to keep holding the user’s attention throughout the page and convince him/her to stay a bit longer. 

But, with thousands of websites providing the contents, services, and products similar to that of yours, it has become a challenging task. In this article from our blog, we shall talk about 5 proven ways that can help you increase user engagement and keep your visitors on your website. 

So, without much ado, let’s get to it.

Why User Engagement is Important for Your Website?

  • User engagement is about how valuable and interesting your visitors find your products and services. 
  • It has been an underrated aspect of online business for the major part of the online business owners. 
  • They ignore a very crucial revenue-driving aspect called user engagement.
  • You too may not know, but this very thing called the ability to keep visitors on your website is highly proportional to your overall business profitability. 
  • When visitors stay longer on your webpage and website, they are more likely to buy your product and services. 
  • It also increases the probability of them sharing your service to their pals.
  • It is thus really important to spend some time observing your users’ behaviors and take necessary measures accordingly. 
  • Product analytics can help you out quite well here. Here, we have come up with 5 proven ways that can help you keep your visitors on your website.

Proven Ways to Keep Visitors on Your Website

Fulfill Your Promise – Nobody likes fraudsters, cheaters, and big mouthing people. Attracting visitors with overly exciting headlines is one thing but making them stay on the webpage is just different. To keep the users engaged on your website, you need to make sure that your title matches the inner contents.

Mobile Friendly – Gone are the days when the better part of the online queries came from desktops. Today, online searches and queries mostly come from mobile devices. 

With thousands of websites updating their compatibility for mobile phones, if your website lacks the same, it is a serious flaw. Not just a flaw, but it is a serious hindrance to your online business if your website fails to display on mobile.

A responsive website shall adjust its dimensions according to the size of the screen. You may not know, but an unresponsive website annoys the users really quickly. As long as your products and services besides a device-friendly website are good, users will just not mind staying a bit longer on your website.

Well Sectioned and Bifurcated Content – A website posting complicated without proper bifurcation and segregation loses its visitors quite quickly. It is because they fail to analyze if your content is helpful to them or is just a waste of time. 

Try segregating your contents in several headers, sub-titles especially when you build a post that contains dense information.

It helps as an on-page ranking factor for your website and lets the search engine crawlers and readers understand the contents. A webpage with no proper headers and sub-titles are likely to experience higher bounce rates than usual.

Lists, Bullets, Numbers, Graphs/Charts – Your users and the search engine both love and appreciate lists, numbers, and graphs. Every time you resort to search engines for some queries, usually, the posts with snippets of lists appear first. 

So, the time you prepare some content, try using lists. You can definitely use both numbered lists and bullets, but the former has more impact on the minds of your visitors. However, bullets help them see the contents in a concise summary.

Statistics make your posts more reliable. Numbers, graphs, and charts highlight the crucial stats of your webpage, especially when you make comparisons. Colorful representations make your post stand out from the other similar ones. So, every time you use them, get ready to gain some more user engagement.

Engaging Videos – With visual learning becoming a boom, everyone out their desires to watch a 5-minute video overspending 10 minutes in reading. Many of your visitors too may prioritize video over texts especially the non-literates, kids, and senior citizens. 

Today, using an engaging video has become a source of faster revenue growth amongst digital marketers.

Adding a video on every post the text contents may sound tiresome, but it’s not that hard. All you need to do is create a visual presentation by repurposing your text and you are good to go. Slideshows with narration are equally great with a few key-phrasing texts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep visitors on my website?

User engagement matters more than anything else, at least in the digital world. Every day hundreds of online firms lose their existence because they fail to engage visitors on their page. Here are some ways that shall be helpful.

  • Be true to your words (fulfill the fact that your headlines promise)
  • Lists, Bullets, and numbering (they make your content more scannable)
  • Include a call-to-action
  • Less page loading time
  • Charts/graphs
  • Mobile compatibility

How do I get more visitors to my website?

There are like hundreds of that can help you out to gain more traffic on your website. Following are some easy tricks and techniques that can get you more visitors on your website:

  1. Guest Posts on Related Site
  2. LSI keywords
  3. Content Transformation
  4. Long-form content
  5. Content that is influencing and relevant
  6. Republish old articles
  7. Go for evergreen topics besides contemporary

Source: https://seodigitalgurus.com/5-proven-ways-to-keep-visitors-on-your-website/

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