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Posted By Ranjay On May 24, 2020

The martial art known as Ninjutsu is very secret, with a very cloudy history. History is not well documented, since most of what is known about martial art is what has been passed down from generation to generation. 

There are abounding historical evidence that state that families in the Koga region are the founders of this very secret style.

Over 70 different Ninjutsu Ryu have been identified and discovered over the years, however most of them have become extinct. 

Most of them were created around a set of specific techniques and abilities, although when those abilities of a specific Ryu were no longer needed or desired, the Ryu seems to die out and disappear from existence.

The art of Ninjutsu is best associated with the ninjas of ancient Japan. Ninjas are well known all over the world for their stealth and very secret lives. 

It is known that the ninja went through a very hard and demanding training, which almost no one really knows. 

Those who were real ninjas are dead or no one is allowed to know their true identity.

During the 1980s, when the ninja trend really hit the United States, Ninjutsu instructors popped up everywhere, making black a very active color. 

Years later, the trend seemed to disappear, and there aren't many people trying to learn the art.

When it comes to art, the term Ninjutsu doesn't really refer to any particular style, but rather to a group of martial arts, and each has their own opinion that is expressed by each of the different Ryu. 

Ryu vary, which means that one can focus on a certain physical dynamics, while the next can focus on redirection.

What many people don't notice is the fact that Ninjutsu comprises both unarmed and armed combat skills, along with philosophy, strategy, and history. 

There are some dojos that offer the art, many of them are quite complete with the way they teach.

Amid combat, Ninjutsu focuses on distance, posture, and flow. Stylists are taught to react to every movement and respond in a way that puts them in the lead position. 

Being in an advantageous position, the stylist can effectively change the outcome of the encounter, quickly going from negative to positive.

Those who practice the martial art of Ninjutsu are instructed and trained to use their entire bodies for everything they do, providing the greatest influence and power. 

Ninjutsu is well known in Japan, and for sound reason. It is a very secret martial art, but very powerful. 

The techniques can be used or in self-defense, along with stealth. Learning can be a great martial art, if you can find a dojo to teach you.

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