Karate Belt Tying Procedures | Everything you need to know

Posted By Ranjay On Nov 10, 2015

There’s more than ONE way to tie a Karate belt.

Walk into a martial arts dojo with a belt tied right! It will show the instructor you are ready to learn!

The uniform used in traditional karate schools is called a dogi (or gi for short) and c onsists of three parts:  the top (kimono), the pants (zubon) and the belt (obi).

Follow the steps below :

Make sure that your jacket ties have been properly secured first (1,2,3).  

karate belt tying procedure kata bruce lee steps bxrank blog

After you have folded the belt in half to determine the center (4), place the centerpoint at your naval (5).

 karate belt tying procedure two kata practice kung fu bxrank

Cross each end around the back of your body (6) then continue to the front (7), placing the end in your right hand over the one in your left.     


karate belt tying procedure three martial arts kata blog bxr


From there draw the overlapping ends of the belt up between the jacket and the belt (8) and complete the square knot as shown; left over right (9,10).


karate belt tying procedure four kung fu health fitness blog


It is considered a matter of pride for the ends of the belt to be of equal length after the knot is neatly tied (11,12).

karate belt tying procedure five jkd kata martial arts blog

If the lenght's are not equal

Don’t worry.

Nothing in this world is perfect.

Life goes on.

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