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Posted By Ranjay On May 23, 2020

When learning a new Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighting technique for the first time, whether at the foundational or advanced level, it is important to break it down into smaller, easier-to-learn units. 

Once the easily assimilable pieces are obtained, they must be practiced with repetition to learn them. However, just repeating them over and over in one session has its limitations.

Studies of a simple nervous system have shown that more than 10 repetitions of a task in one session do not increase retention, in addition, only one session of learning a new piece of material results in very little retention over a long period like those of You who have been involved in training for serious mixed martial arts battles know this.

The most useful repeat drill method for the most effective retention is to spread the repeats over several sessions. 

One method that has shown great effect is to perform 7 to 10 repetitions of a particular technique in one training session. 

And then do at least nine repeat review sessions over several days or weeks. The first repetition session can be within the same session. 

I would advise near the end of the session. The next, a day later, then a week, etc. The closer the review sessions are, the faster optimal retention will be achieved.

Another common problem, which many of us experience in mixed martial arts and Muay Thai Fighting fights, is boredom by training the number of repetitions required to drill the techniques properly. 

This is detrimental to retention as the learning process is seriously affected when we are not concentrating. 

Disguising repetitions in exercises, combinations, and games that use the particular skill involved is a very practical way that will help you solve this problem and allow you to increase the versatility of the game by drilling techniques with different settings, combinations, or counters being used against them.

Another more fundamental strategy that I use, particularly when working on my Muay Thai Fighting, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts Fighting techniques, is to repeat the techniques as many times as possible until the boredom is noticed, recording the number of repetitions performed in my training journal and then repeat the process in another training session. 

Using this strategy, just develop a certain discipline to complete a predetermined number of repetitions. I would recommend a minimum of 60 spread over a 2 year duration for maximum retention.

Please note this is for learning and retaining a new technique, not its optimal refinement for the highest level of effectiveness that may be required for the rigors of competition in both mixed martial arts fighting and in the Muay Thai fight. 

This requires the development and sharpening of the various attributes necessary for optimal performance of the technique, such as: speed, time, flow, balance, connectivity to the next movement, adjustment of variation, corrections in balance, preparation for the reaction to the opponent's movement, etc.

Bringing your mixed martial arts fighting skill to this level requires many more reps and exposing the performance of the technique to increasing levels of risk through randomized and controlled combat.

To ensure the best technique learning, start by learning and drilling the technique in fully cooperative conditions to get it right, this is the retention period discussed above. 

Once you have a good level of effectiveness, try using the technique in controlled combat conditions or controlled performance exercises where your training partner has moderate problems to deal with. 

As your effectiveness increases, start using it in your combat, initially against less experienced opponents working up to higher level opponents. 

Using this strategy to develop and drill your techniques will not only improve your gameplay, but will also make drill replay much more enjoyable when training for mixed martial arts fighting.

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