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Posted By Ranjay On May 23, 2020

Cage Fighting is a sport as old as the time of the ancient Greeks. In 648 B. C., the unarmed combat was first introduced in the Olympic Games of Greece. 

Extreme events with few or no rules applied to regulate the game have been a tradition in many countries around the world. Statues have also been erected in honor of athletes in these cities for centuries.

The extreme events and competitions that took place in the late 19th century were the initial events that paved the way for the Ultimate Cage Fighting that fans are enjoying today. In the 19th century, competitions were held in arenas around the world, and especially in Europe. 

MMA hosts Ultimate Cage Fighting matches that are very popular for many different reasons, and even this specific sport started at this time, in the late 19th century. 

The first recorded fight between a fighter and a boxer occurred in 1887 between John Sullivan and William Muldoon. Sullivan was at that time the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, and Muldoon was a famous Greco-Roman wrestling champion. 

This was, in a way, the beginning of mixed martial arts competitions.

There have been many more pre-World War I martial arts competitions involving mixed arts, but it was really after World War I that its popularity became very widespread. 

There was a professional fight that was somewhat restructured to include different styles of sport. 

The two styles that evolved were the shooting style and the show style. Shooting style is real, live, and winning competition, and the show is, of course, mock and staged competitions that are really for entertainment purposes.

Over the years, different ideas and accessories from different mixed martial arts sports were added and removed, and in the 1970s, Ultimate Cage Fighting in the sense that we know it today started in Brazil with the Vale Tudo tournaments. 

There were, unsurprisingly, many mixed martial arts competitions that were also held and organized in Japan in the 1970s. However, the first mixed martial arts organization, called Shooto, was not formed until 1985.

Bruce Lee popularized mixed martial arts styles more than anyone, possibly in the late 1960s and early 1970s. 

It is this that has earned him the title of being the Father of Mixed Martial Arts. Years later, in 1993, Ultimate Cage Wrestling really became very popular in the first ever Ultimate Fighting Championship competition. 

There were many people who opposed and criticized the sport as brutal and very violent.

Current Ultimate Cage Fighting contests are held in an octagon-shaped enclosure (and coincidentally called The Octagon), which is a caged structure that has eight walls that are made from a metal fence lined with black vinyl liner, And it also has heavy foam padding around the sides. Ultimate Cage Fighting has become one of the most popular competitions in MMA competitions today.

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