The Best Self defense arts: know different martial arts

Posted By Ranjay On May 23, 2020

The art of self defense can be treated a contact sport. It involves two or more people who practice defensive and offensive movements that can be used in real life in case of damaging attacks.

There are many self-defense schools. Schools vary in the type of self-defense they teach students. 

There are many types of self defense that originate from different countries. But everything has a common denominator of helping to maintain a healthy body and mind.

The most popular self defense sports are kung fu, karate, taekwondo, martial arts, and kenjutsu. 

These contact sports not only keep you fit and healthy at all times, but they instill in your character several admirable traits such as having a sense of responsibility, discipline and hard work.

A student learns to be patient and persevering because training is time consuming. You need to constantly practice if you want to excel in sports and master techniques.

Self-defense is primarily used to gain advantage when attacking in public. We live in a precarious world surrounded by criminals. 

But in the process, self-defense also becomes an art. It involves learning various ways that, when executed correctly, will bring effective results.

Kung Fu 

  • Is known for being the best self defense in China. 
  • It has been chunk of the continuous tradition of martial arts in the country. 
  • There are many techniques and ideas about martial arts. 
  • The components are made of the basics, application forms, and weapons. 
  • Kung fu courses include a very unique training system that varies in the emphasis of each component.


  • Is an amazing art that uses punches, kicks, and knee and elbow punches. 
  • This also includes an open hand technique such as crest hands and knife hands. 
  • The karate practitioner is called karateka. 
  • To a lesser extent of restrictions, joint blocking sand disassemblies are also used. 
  • This is a self-defense that also promotes good health. 
  • It improves coordination, balance, aerobic fitness, strength, and flexibility. 
  • It allows the brain to have the necessary alertness to respond to the fighter's actions.


  • Originated in South Korea, but is now being learned worldwide. 
  • Unlike karate, taekwondo focuses on leg and foot movement. Drilling is very minimal. 
  • People who study taekwondo are called jins. Jins have shaky legs as a result of many years of training. 
  • Training involves a lot of combat and practice kicks.

Self defense is a survival situation that involves a real risk that can cause physical harm. This requires first-hand knowledge. 

This involves a multitude of techniques. An individual can only fight for himself and can only take responsibility of himself. Anyone can learn the basics of self defense. 

It is not limited to those who have the talent. Self defense has so many layers of components that it compass. Includes awareness, negotiation, communication, body language and many more.

Kenjutsu was created in the 15th century in Japan. This was done for the use of the military. This is a swordsman practice. This technique is a collection of combat techniques for various weapons. The practitioner is called kenjutsuka.

The art of self defense develops the whole body, especially the arms and legs. It also develops endurance and stamina. And more than having a great body, self defense promotes a better state of mind. 

People learn to focus and focus more, filter out unwanted thoughts, and always stay optimistic.

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