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Taekwondo is one of the utmost proficent martial arts in the world. More than 30 million people practice Taekwondo in more than 156 countries. It is one of the two martial arts represented at the Olympic Games (judo is the other).

I read the definition of many books and the one I like the most comes from the book Comprehensive Asian Fighting Arts written by Donn F. Draeger and Robert W. Smith. 

"Taekwondo is a technique of empty-handed clash that constitue the use of the total body. 

  • Tae means" kick "or" crush with the feet ", 
  • Kwon implies" hitting "or" destroying with the hand or the fist ", 
  • and Do means “way” or “method.” 

Taekwondo, therefore, is the unarmed combat technique for self defense that involves the skillful application of techniques including punching, kicking, blocking, dodging, handstand actions, and the feet.

As with many other martial arts, taekwondo is a fusion of combat style, self defense, sport, exercise, entertainment, and philosophy. 

It developed after the end of the Japanese occupation of Korea in 1945 and spread rapidly throughout the world after the Korean War, which ended in 1953.

Karate is the time-honored practice of self-protection without weapons; it literally means "the way of empty hands". 

Traditional karate uses mental focus and rigorous training to develop physical skills like speed, strength, and agility. 

Training the spirit and body together leads to numerous perk, unlike the conventional exercise routines seen in most gyms.

Physical fitness and general well-being: the practice of Karate improves the flexibility, strength, coordination and endurance of the professional. 

Karate thrusts, punches, locks, sweeps, kicks and throws exercise the full body in a fiery and active way.


The two most widespread martial arts trainings are Karate and Tae Kwon do. 

Many people wonder what the difference is between these two martial arts. 

This is the case for those who are interested in looking for a martial arts training school. 

Most schools in Karate and Tae Kwon-Do wear the same type of white uniforms with a range of colored belts. Traditional karate started in Japan after some inspiration from Chinese martial arts.

There are various styles of karate, but they are all generally considered Japanese martial arts today. 

The colored belt system was created to illustrate the various positions of karate practitioners with white beginners and black belts representing instructor levels and above.

There are also belts of different colors in Tae Kwon Do between black and white. The current Tae Kwon-Do was created in Korea after much inspiration from Japanese karate during the occupation of Japan. 

Tae Kwon Do has the same white uniforms along with a color belt classification system like Karate.

These days, there are two main Tae Kwon Do techniques, the International Tae Kwon Do Federation and the World Tae Kwon Do Federation. 

There are several Tae Kwon Do schools that have incorporated a black lining into their white uniforms for black belts and the V-neck top is often seen in schools correlated with the World Tae Kwon Do Federation.

Karate is said to use 60% of its arms or hands for punches or blocks and 40% for kicks. 

This is seen in the various structures or katas of karate, which are established patterns of simulated fighting against imaginary opponents using different techniques. 

The Tae Kwon Do structure would have the opposite percentage with 40% hands and 60% kicks. 

In Tae Kwon Do, there is also an additional emphasis on high head kicks than karate. Tae Kwon Do students also use more kicks to jump or fly, and the patterns are usually a bit shorter and less complicated than Karate.

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