What Kinds Of Visas Exist?

What kinds of visas exist?
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What Kinds Of Visas Exist?-
Depending on the purpose of the entry you're making, the Russian Federation concerns 7 sorts of visas:

Tourist. This is one of the most typical visa and as the name shows, it is released for stays that are for tourism purposes. They are released for an optimum of 30 days.

Company. This type is for journeys to Russia that are professional in nature and also have an industrial function or are used to do organization.

Trainee. This is issued to those that are researching in the Russian Federation.

Job. Visa that permits an individual to work in Russia.


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Altruistic. Released for stays with for the objective of social exchange, showing off events, scientific/technological, socio-political, religious or altruistic objectives.

Private Visas. These are released to guests of Russian Nationals that stay within the area of the Russian Federation.

Transportation. Made use of to travel through the Russian Federation in order to get to one more country (this is not essential for immigrants that have a layover in an airport given that they don't leave the worldwide area or for those that fly over the region without a stopover). Visit more

As a whole, all visas are processed in a similar means. The only difference worth stating is the getting of the so-called letter of invitation that, in the case of a visitor visa, is released by the hotel where you are staying or, in the case of an organization visa, have to be provided by a Russian firm that has actually invited you to visit and when it comes to a pupil visa, the Russian university where the individual will be attending. For more information regarding https://e-visatorussia.com/

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