Steps To Release Your Inner Chi

Steps to Release your inner Chi
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Steps To Release Your Inner Chi

Have you ever wondered what the group of people is doing as they quietly stand in the corner of a park or open space and move their limbs, one by one, in a smooth, circular motion. The entire image is one of balance and serenity. They are trying for the Release of inner Chi.


Chances are they're engaging in ancient Chinese martial art of Tai Chi, and with a growing body of evidence in favor of the activity, it seems like they're doing something when it comes to healthy living.


"Tai Chi aids in promoting inner strength," says Tai Chi expert Dr. Paul Lam, based at the University of Sydney in Australia. When you are doing Tai Chi, think of your body as a river; He appears calm and relaxed but has a strong current under the surface. The basic principle of releasing your chi.



No matter what your activity level and fitness level is, Tai Chi is good for balance and fitness, but if you are recovering from injury or suffering from arthritis or other muscle or joint pain, new research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine suggests that Tai Chi is an activity that can really help reduce pain and stiffness.


What is Tai Chi? Is there a verse or reasoning for those somewhat hypnotic movements that seem to have sent the participant into a deep trance?


Well, it is an activity that has stood the test of time. Martial art was first performed in China in the 13th century, and deep breathing, relaxation, and slow movements are not that far from those of 800 years ago. Tai Chi, then and now, comprises elegant, expansive and continuous movements that are actually a series of poses that flow from one part of the body to another.


There are a number of variations within Tai Chi, including Yang, the oldest style of Tai Chi, and Chen, a vigorous form of martial art that truly stretches even the fittest and most athletic.


Although Tai Chi has been enthusiastically adopted in Western countries, it is an activity with ancient Chinese roots. In Chinese medication, Chi is admitted as the flow of health and vitality through the body. If your Chi finds a block, then it weakens. Tai Chi is a way to improve and strengthen your Chi.


Here are two examples of warm-up activities:

Mobilizing the upper body

Stand or sit with your feet shoulder-width apart. Relax your neck and let your chin fall naturally toward your chest. Gently raise both arms until they are entirely extended in front of you. Rotate your hands so that your palms are up and slowly bring your hands closer to your chest. Clench for a second, then push your hands back to full extension. Repeat this. When pulling and pushing, maintain muscle tension so there is slight resistance to movement.


Stretching the lower body

Raise your hands to extend them in front of you. Now gradually lower your arms and step forth with one leg and place your heel on the ground. When you raise your arms again, move the same foot back as far as possible behind you. Touch your toe to the floor. Repeat this movement several times, reaching your foot in front of and behind you. Repeat this workout on the other side of your body.


The beauty of tai chi

The beauty of Tai Chi is that it can be done almost anywhere, in the gym, maybe there is an area in your home that you use as a home gym with a personal trainer, or in a quiet outdoor space like a gym in House. It is also an activity that needs little kit or specific clothing. Comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely is perfect, and it's a good idea to wear layers so you can take your clothes off when you warm up. Whether you are a healthy athlete or athlete, or someone who returns to exercise after illness, injury, or just being absent, Tai Chi is a great way to de-stress and find balance in your body.

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Steps To Release Your Inner Chi

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