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World of Aikido
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World Of Aikido


Next to the martial art of Tai Chi, Aikido is often regarded as one of the most graceful and beautiful martial arts to watch. Aikido is a very popular Japanese martial art rooted in part in the Samurai tradition, but owes its modern form in the 20th century to Morihei Ueshiba.


Ueshiba and developed the principles of modern aikido. Known as "O Sensei" or the "Great Teacher," Morihei developed an art based on movements incorporating throws, joint locks and techniques derived from other martial arts such as Jujitsu  and Kenjutsu.


Considered non-aggressive styles in martial arts, it embraces the idea of not fighting force with force. This is a fundamental aspect and principle. It has become quite popular because of its non-aggressive style and because it does not initiate or provoke attacks. To the contrary, the force of the attacker is redirected into a series of throws or locks or wrist twists.


Unlike other arts such as Jujitsu, Hapkido, or Tae Kwon Do, Aikido uses very few punches and kicks. Theoretically, the size, weight, and physical strength of its practitioners only plays small role. That fact is often contested and the art requires a tremendous amount of practice and proficiency before becoming practical. The principal goal of the skilled Aikido student is to redirect his or her attacker's momentum while keeping the opponent in a constant state of unbalance.


Like Hapkido, aikido developed principally from "daito-ryu aiki-jujutsu." This background explains the similarity of many techniques between these arts, despite the fact that the fundamental philosophies are very different. Although jujitsu movements are prominent, many students argue that strongest influences are drawn from kenjutsu.



Its founder emphasized that the martial arts do not only relate to self-defense techniques but can instead play a major role in the enhancement of the student's moral and spiritual development. Ueshiba argued that the martial arts could eventually lead a student to place greater weight on the development and achievement of peace and harmony, than on actual technique. Because of this great emphasis mature aikido practitioners often remark that their art should be better known as the way of harmony of the spirit.


While it does include some of these techniques, Aikido is not about punching or kicking art. It's not however a static art. For a very well trained student of five or ten years, it can prove a very effective means of self defense. This based on the ability of the student to use the energy of their opponent to gain control over them.


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World Of Aikido

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